7 Tips to Get Remote SQL Jobs + Where to Find Them

Working remotely is a dream for many SQL developers. So what is it like working remotely? What should you expect salary-wise? We'll discuss all of these questions and more in this post!
by Billy Stone » Remote Work Nerd
It seems like every day new remote jobs are being posted. As more companies start to grow, they need the flexibility that comes with remote work. If you are a SQL developer looking for your dream job, then this post is for you! We have some tips on how to get remote SQL jobs and what it's really like working remotely.

Understanding how to get remote jobs is vital for developers. They need to know the salary, benefits, perks, and downsides of working remotely to determine if they want a job like this. You must research many different aspects of remote work before you make any decisions about whether or not it's right for your career. This blog post will teach you all about SQL remote jobs so you can figure out if it's something worth pursuing!

What are remote SQL jobs?

SQL remote jobs are ones where you can work from home, your local coffee shop, the park down the street, or even while traveling. You don't have to set foot in an office if you choose not to do so! Many people love working at their own pace and place which is why remote jobs are becoming more popular than ever before.

What are remote SQL jobs

Some people think that remote work is just for the lazy, but it's so much more than that. There are many different levels of remote employment. We at Sqotty.com have different levels of remote work! You can list your job as one of these following:

  • Fully remote: Working from the comfort of your own home, you can work as much or little as suits you. You don’t have to worry about getting dressed up to go into an office every day!
  • Remote – During the COV-Pandemic: This means that you could be working from home only during the pandemics.
  • Partial remote: These jobs are a great way to take on freelance work from the comfort of your own home. You can either do some traveling or just spend time at headquarters, and it doesn't have to be all day every single time!

Why working remotely as a SQL developer?

Remote jobs are skyrocketing in popularity due to the corona crisis and the ability of companies to hire workers from all over the world. If you're looking for SQL develop jobs and want to give them a try, then this is something that you should look into!

remote SQL developer allows you to earn more money

Being a remote SQL developer allows you to earn more money. You can hire yourself out as a contractor and work with several different companies based on your needs at the time. This means that if they have too much or not enough work for you, then it's okay! You'll still be paid well regardless of all this because contractors generally receive higher pay than full-time employees.

There are also many benefits of working remotely as a SQL developer which make this kind of employment worth it! For example, you will receive higher pay and better perks because there is no commute time or having to travel in general. You can work from anywhere with internet access so the possibilities are endless when it comes to where you live!

What to expect as a SQL developer working remotely?

Now that we've talked about why it might be great for you to work remotely, let's talk about what exactly is involved. There are tons of different networking opportunities and job openings all over the world which means that there will constantly be new jobs available for you. You can even take on several at a time if you choose to do so!

downside and benefits

The downside of remote work is that it can be lonely. If you're an extrovert, then this probably won't bother you too much but some people need more human interaction than others and may not love their job as a result. You will have to decide what kind of remote work is best for you.

Do remote tech companies pay well?

Yes, remote tech companies pay very well! Some are even better than what you'd get working at an office. The only downside is that the benefits aren't as good because it's much harder to maintain them without a central location for everyone to be in.

Conclusion: If you're eager to work remotely and want a job where you can use your skills to do something great, then remote SQL is most likely for you. It's also very lucrative so if money is your main motivator, then you will be happy with what this type of work has to offer.

SQL remote job Salaries

The salary of SQL developers varies depending on where they work and how long they have been in the field. Most remote SQL jobs pay at least $60,000 per year and some even go as high as six figures!

  • SQL Architect $120,444 per year
  • Senior Sybase DBA $129,050 per year
  • SQL Server Production DBA $124,974 per year
  • SQL Server Database Architect $123,448 per year

Working remotely as a SQL developer can be extremely lucrative. You will not only receive higher pay than you would at an office but also better benefits which means that it's worth giving remote work a shot!

What are some tips to get remote jobs?

Now that we've talked about all the benefits of working remotely, let's go over some tips on how to get these remote opportunities!

tips to get SQL remote jobs

You must do your research and be prepared before even trying out something like this so take each step slowly. This will ensure that you don't end up in a bad situation!

  1. Most remote companies prefer candidates who are at least 18 years of age and have some experience with SQL programming. They will also want to see that you're willing to put the work into learning new things when necessary, so this is something they'll want to know before hiring you on as their next remote employee.
  2. One of the most important things is to be vocal about what you're looking for and where! Let people know that you're interested in remote positions, but also let them know why it's a great opportunity for them as well. You never know who will have an opening or who's been thinking about trying out remote work themselves so don't be afraid to talk about it!
  3. You can also choose to do freelance work or find a job that offers you partial remote opportunities. These are great because they allow you to get your feet wet and see what being a remote SQL developer is like instead of jumping in headfirst without knowing anything about the company itself! Don't pressure yourself into doing something that you're not comfortable with just because it's difficult to find remote work.
  4. You must check out each remote job listing. Some companies will say they offer remote work, but you often have to prove yourself before getting their approval for this type of employment opportunity. You never know unless you apply though! That's why it's so important to submit your resume and cover letter for every job opening you see.
  5. Even though remote work is technically a lifestyle, it's still important to treat the positions like any other full-time opportunity! Most companies will require that you meet certain criteria before they hire you as their next employee, so do not take this lightly or be too eager about it even if there aren't many remote jobs available yet.
  6. Finally, be sure to communicate with your boss! Remote work is great because you don't have anyone to report back to, but it can still be very beneficial if you let them know what's happening. This will make the transition much easier for both of you and ensure that there won't be any problems in the future either.
  7. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in pursuing, then go for it! Just make sure you don't jump into anything before learning more about what's required of you and how to do well at each task. A little preparation can save a lot of trouble down the road so take these steps slowly but surely!

So there are some tips on how to get your ideal remote job! Don't give up - be vocal, do your research and pick an appropriate position for yourself instead of diving in headfirst without thinking about the consequences. This will ensure that everything goes smoothly.

job platforms

Remote job platforms for developers

CodesTrails.com is the perfect place to find your next SQL remote job! We have tons of opportunities for software engineers, remote PHP jobs, SQL developers, and more available. Depending on what kind of developer you are, we are offering different levels of remote jobs depending on your skills and needs.

What do companies look for in candidates?

With the right skills and approach, you'll be able to get your dream job in no time! All it takes is a little patience so don't give up just yet.

SQL devs who want to get hired need certain skillsets to be successful. They want to make sure that they're hiring the right candidates who can get work done on time and within budget.

  1. Active communication skills (Slack, Skype)
  2. Good at working independently or with a team of other developers
  3. Ability to adjust quickly when necessary (e.g. tight deadlines)
  4. Experience with SQL programming languages (e.g., Oracle, MySQL, etc.)
  5. A clear understanding of data management procedures (ideally in a large company like Amazon or Microsoft)
  6. Understanding user requirements for the software they're building is also important! This will ensure that you can provide your clients with
  7. Ability to work on different types of projects for more than one company
  8. Experience with some type of web development (e.g., HTML, Java) is also helpful in many cases!

These are all important qualities that companies look for when hiring a candidate so make sure you have them before applying! If not, then it might

Most remote companies also want to see that you're willing to put the work into learning new things when necessary, so this is something they'll want to know before hiring you on as their next remote employee.

One of the most important things is to be vocal about what you're looking for! Let people know that you're interested in remote positions, but also let them know why it's a great opportunity for them as well. You never know who will have an opening or who's been thinking about trying out remote work themselves so don't be afraid to talk about it!

Are there SQL jobs available in the USA?

There are plenty of remote jobs in the USA because we have a lot to offer here! Cities like New York, Chicago, and Seattle all have thriving technology industries that could use more employees. Don't forget about smaller cities either - you'll be surprised at what they can do for your career!

Remote developers get paid well too so if this is something that interests you, then we encourage you to apply! You can also read more about the requirements and sign up for our email list if you want to see what's available right away.

We have remote opportunities all over the USA so there are plenty of options no matter where in this country you live. We look forward to talking with everyone interested in remote SQL jobs so sign up today to get started!

Are SQL remote jobs in high demand?

Remote opportunities are always in high demand because developers want the freedom to work where they're most comfortable. If this is something that you've been thinking about, then we encourage you to apply for a remote SQL job with us!

remote work better than an office

Is remote work better than an office?

Some people prefer to work in an office but others are just fine working remotely. There are benefits and downsides for both types of jobs so you'll have to decide what's best for your lifestyle.

Benefits of remote work:

  • can afford to live in a more expensive city with better opportunities for your career
  • don't have to deal with office politics or drama that comes from working somewhere else
  • you get the freedom of being able to do things on your own time without asking for permission!

Downsides of remote work:

  • you may miss out on some social interactions that come with having co-workers around
  • it can be difficult to adjust to working alone so you'll want to practice your communication skills beforehand!

Remote SQL opportunities are growing every day which means there is more demand than ever before! As companies become more flexible with their hiring needs, it becomes easier to work from home and have a successful career.

Do remote workers receive good benefits & perks?

Remote opportunities typically come with the same benefits and perks as any other position. The only difference is that there may be more flexibility since you'll be working from home!


Remote jobs are growing in demand every day. Companies need to be flexible with their hiring needs so they can continue to compete in the marketplace, and remote work is a great way for them to do that. You'll have more freedom than ever before when working remotely – choose wisely!

Remote opportunities typically come with the same benefits as any other position but may also offer greater flexibility since you're not confined by an office space or location. If this sounds like something that would interest you then go ahead and apply today!

We look forward to hearing from anyone interested in SQL jobs because no matter where you live there will be plenty of options available.

Are remote jobs right for you? Comment below or drop us a message to let us know!

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