Hottest Remote Junior Web Developer Jobs (+Salaries)

If you're a Junior web developer looking to work remotely, this post is for you. We've done all the hard research and have compiled a list of remote junior web developer jobs plus their salaries in one place. These are all full-time roles with benefits.
by Billy Stone » Remote Work Nerd
Some companies do require applicants to live within commuting distance from an office location; however, many make exceptions if you can prove your ability to perform well without constant supervision (for example, by regularly checking in via Skype or Google Hangout).

But as with anything else, there's some preparation involved before taking the plunge into remote employment.

Many people these days are interested in Remote Junior Web Developer Jobs. Why? Check our post Getting Junior Developer Remote Jobs: The Ultimate Checklist.
If you're one of them, you've come to the right place.

Remote jobs provide many benefits, including increased flexibility and opportunity for travel (check out our recent article on Remote Jobs you can do from Anywhere while Traveling the world).

Why are remote jobs so popular these days

Let's start with the reason why so many people are interested in remote tech jobs. Many companies have turned to remote workers as a solution for office space shortages and increased costs, allowing them to hire more people without incurring additional expenses.

They may also be trying out telecommuting on a trial basis or because they're not finding enough candidates locally. Especially since the corona pandemic, companies are hiring Remote Junior Web Developer remotely as a way to diversify their workforce and create more flexible, agile work environments.

When you're looking for Remote Junior Web Developer Jobs, the company culture must be one in which you feel comfortable working toward your goals with minimal supervision.

It should be a place where you can show up to work every day and do your best, knowing that you'll be recognized for the results you achieve without needing to rely on constant feedback.

Check out our Remote Entry Level Software Developer Jobs – they can also be appealing for people who simply prefer working from the comfort of their own homes. If Remote Jobs for Junior Devs are what you're after but these things sound like a match made in heaven to you too, then keep reading!

What are the benefits of working remotely

What are the benefits of working remotely?

There are tons of benefits when it comes to remote work:

  • Remote workers often have a better work-life balance, which contributes to increased job satisfaction and reduced stress levels.
  • Because you don't have to commute or dress up for an office every day, there's more flexibility in your schedule so you can take care of errands and personal tasks during business hours.
  • Remote work also allows you to travel more freely since many companies don't require you to be in the office every day as long as your work is completed on time and accurately.
  • Finally, some people simply don't like to work in an office and hope to be able to contribute their skills in a Remote Junior Web Developer role.

Remote work isn't all sunshine and rainbows, of course

But, where is light, there is shadow:

  • Some remote workers find that there's a lack of communication or camaraderie in their team because they're not working under the same roof every day with everyone else.
  • Remote employees are often expected to be more self-motivated since there aren't as many opportunities to socialize.
  • They may struggle with isolation and loneliness, especially if they're working in a niche or specialized field that doesn't have much of an online community (or any at all).
  • When difficult situations come up, it can sometimes be more challenging to resolve conflicts with coworkers because of the distance.
  • Sometimes, remote developers may also need to spend time and money on continuing their professional development, like taking online classes or courses to keep up with industry changes.

Jr Developer writing code

Salary expectations and what they typically include...

Remote Junior Web Developers typically have an average pay of $65,000 annually according to glassdoor.com. Remote entry-level positions tend to offer a slight pay bump as well as fewer responsibilities (and more learning opportunities).

Salaries for Remote Devs will vary depending on location and the type of company hiring. For example, start-ups or tech companies in Silicon Valley usually offer higher salaries, while Remote Devs in rural areas or locations with a lower cost of living may earn less.

But we are not here to talk about average salaries...we promised our visitors only top-paying employers with remote positions available on this page for your consideration today.

Top 5 Best Paying Companies looking for remote Junior Web Developers

I'm sure you can't wait to find out who the top employers are. We've done the research and combed through Remote Junior job listings for these companies.

So, without further ado... here they are!

  1. Johnson & Johnson – Remote Junior Web Developer Salary: $124,560 (average)
  2. Facebook – Remote Junior Web Developer Salary: $123,626 (average)
  3. Apple – Remote Junior Web Developer Salary: $120,8600.80 (average)
  4. Google – Remote Junior Web Developer Salary: $115,920 (average)
  5. Adobe Systems Incorporation – Remote Junior Web Developer Salary: $109,700.40 (average)

OK, that's it for this list!

We hope you found some great Remote Dev jobs here to start your job search with 🙂

The Remote Junior Web Developer job description

Remote Junior Web Developers often have to report to a team lead or director who oversees their daily tasks. They will provide feedback on the quality of work Junior produces.

Remote Devs may also have managers that are located in a different city, state, country, etc., which can make it more challenging for them to communicate concerns about projects directly with upper management.

Example of a remote Junior Developer job listing

This job description will give you a sense of what to expect in most Remote Development positions:

  • Provide technical expertise and leadership for highly visible web-based projects, working closely with business unit managers/directors.
  • Skills include in-depth knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, and common front-end development tools such as Grunt and Gulp.
  • Lead the development of multiple web-based projects, including working with business unit managers/directors to complete project milestones on schedule.
  • Skills include expert knowledge in developing eCommerce sites using Magento, Joomla, or open-source platforms; previous experience with iOS app front end UI design is a plus.
  • Additional skills like written and verbal communications are a must, as well as strong organization skills to keep track of various projects.

Sounds like a lot of stuff you should bring to the table?

Don't worry.

Junior Developer job listing

Remote Junior Web Developer roles are often beneficial to recent graduates who haven't had time to hone their skills yet. So even if you don't match a listing 100%, go ahead and apply, you might just be the Remote Junior Web Developer they're looking for!

Why junior web developers are in high demand right now

So, what is it about Remote Junior Web Developer jobs that make them so popular?

We think there are a few reasons for this: Junior web developers have less experience than senior devs. This means employers can train them to do things the way they want and work at their pace, which makes Remote Jrs cheaper in general.

Also, tech startups are shooting up so quickly these days. Remote Jrs are a great way for them to grow their team with minimal overhead costs, as opposed to hiring experienced Remote Devs who might want higher salaries and better benefits.

Remote Devs can work from home. This eliminates the need for a commute and gives junior web devs more time to devote to their jobs, which is why Remote Jrs tend to be highly productive.

Remote Junior Web Developer job listings do not require a degree or certification in computer science. You can move into this field without formal education if you have a penchant for technology and a strong work ethic.

Those positions are mostly entry-level positions, meaning they can be filled by recent college graduates or mature professionals who want to switch careers later in life.

How to Apply for a Remote Junior Web Developer Position

Let's assume you found the perfect position. Now what?

First, check that job description and make sure you match it.

Then, do some research on the company itself to determine if they're a good fit for your personality and work ethic. Remote is not always easy (see our post about working from home) but pay attention to what benefits Remote companies offer employees in their Remote Junior Web Developer job listings.

If you're still interested, send the company a short email with your resume attached or an online application form.

Most Remote Devs will also need to include samples of their work so feel free to attach any projects you've worked on in school or for previous employers. Make sure all files are easily viewable online (like on a blog or GitHub).

Be sure to answer any Remote Junior Web Developer job interview questions the hiring manager might have. You can find these in the listing, or just ask if they have any specific concerns you should address in your email before applying.

The Remote Junior Web Developer Interview Process

Once HR receives your application, they will review it and get in touch with you if there's any interest.

The Remote job application process varies depending on the company but all companies should have a few things in common: A phone interview Job offer (and Remote probation period) Onsite interviews Final hiring decision What to expect during each stage of Remote Junior Web Developer job interviews

Phone interview

You'll likely start with a phone call or two to check your voice quality, accent, and overall communication skills. Remote companies want employees who can speak clearly, especially if they're working on client-facing products!

Job offer (and Remote probation period)

This is optional but many Remote Junior Web Developers will enjoy probation; this is when you're given a trial period to work remotely and prove yourself. If everything goes well, the company will extend your offer!

Onsite interviews

If the job listings mention on-site interviews or office visits, prepare for several days of nonstop meetings with employees in different departments (like sales, design, product, etc.). This Remote job interview process is designed to see how well you'll be able to work with different types of employees in many capacities.

Final hiring decision

The company will likely review your performance during phone interviews and onsite visits before making their final hiring decisions. They might even ask for references or conduct background checks!


Now that you know the Remote Junior Web Developer interview process, here are some common questions that might pop up during your job search.

Q: How is Remote work different from in-office jobs?

A: Remote work usually entails more self-direction and responsibility because you won't have a manager looking over your shoulder every five minutes! Remote Junior Web Developers also have to be very proactive in organizing their Remote work schedules.

Q: What are the biggest Remote company perks?

A: If you want a complete list of Remote job benefits, check out this post on top Remote companies. But some common ones include vacation allowance, health insurance or retirement funds, and paid time off for holidays (like Christmas). Remote Junior Web Developers usually have a lot of flexibility with Remote work schedules, too.

Q: How will I know if the company is right for me?

A: The best way to find out is by going through the Remote job application process! Take advantage of every opportunity they give you – like their Remote probation period – and see if the Remote work environment is a good fit for you. If it isn't, that's ok; just end your Remote Junior Web Developer job search and move on with your life!

Q: What Remote Junior Web Developer skills do I need to get hired?

A: Remote companies want employees who can work well without supervision, so you should have a good amount of Remote job experience before applying. But don't worry if this isn't the case because some will offer Remote probation periods or other opportunities for training. You'll also frequently need technical Remote skills, especially knowledge of Remote tools like Slack.

Q: What Remote job interview questions might I get asked?

A: Remote interviews can be more casual than on-site visits, but you may still encounter some tricky job interview questions. Some examples include "How would you deal with an unruly client?", "What are your favorite Remote tools?", and "Do you have any other offers?" Remote Junior Web Developers should always research the company before their Remote job interview to know what they're getting into!

Q: How much Remote Junior Web Developer salary should I expect?

A: Remote jobs typically pay less than on-site roles, but Remote salaries vary widely and depend largely on your experience level. That said, Remote companies often offer benefits like retirement plans or health insurance to make up for the lower pay scale! So don't forget about this when applying for jr web developer jobs remotely.


This kind of work can be a great way for a remote junior web developer to get experience and build their skills. However, Remote jobs aren't right for everyone! Remote workers need to be proactive about organizing their work schedule and self-motivated enough to set aside distractions when they're working.

If you're considering Remote work and don't have much Remote job experience yet, we recommend starting with on-site roles before applying for Remote ones!

The list of remote junior web developer jobs (plus salaries!) should help make your decision easier - just find one that matches what you need in terms of the salary range and location preferences. Then apply ASAP because these Remote positions are going fast!

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