14 Day Challenge: Get Remote Java Developer Jobs

Do you want to find remote java developer jobs? We have the solution for you. All you need to do is read this blog post and follow our 14 day plan, which will help you get hired as a java developer!
by Billy Stone » Remote Work Nerd
Java developers are in high demand. If you want to join the remote java developer jobs club, this article is for you! In this post, we will cover how to get a job as a remote java developer from start to finish. We'll discuss what it takes to get hired and what working remotely looks like from the perspective of both employers and employees.

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. It's also a language that many companies need when they are looking for remote java developer jobs. Most people don't know how to find these jobs, let alone apply for them, or what benefits and downsides come with remote work.

What is remote work?

Remote work is also called telecommuting or virtual teams and it's another way of saying working from home.

As a java developer myself, I didn't know how many jobs were out there for me because most of my friends worked at big tech companies like Google or Apple. I thought that remote work was something they only did for senior-level employees, not entry-level engineers like myself (back then).

What is remote work

Many startups these days are doing remote work, because finding talent is hard, and it's expensive if you're in a big city. That means that remote work is becoming more common for java developers at all levels!

I see it like this...

In my experience working remotely has been one of the best things to happen. Not only as a job-seeker but also as an employer. Everyone wins when there are fewer barriers between people trying to get things done.

I will start by telling you why I decided to work remotely, what are the benefits, and some downsides of working remotely too. Then we'll dive into how to find remote jobs and apply for them like a pro!

So, what is a remote company?

A remote business is an organization that allows employees to work from home or wherever they please. Some of these companies do not even have headquarters and can be found across the country, sometimes even working globally!

These benefits include lower costs for office space, increased productivity due to greater accessibility around shift hours as well as reduced intake time during meetings.

Some people may only need occasional supervision rather than a full-time employer minding all aspects of job duties 24/7. They value their employees and want them to be happy, healthy, and productive to get the job done!

what is a remote company

What are java remote jobs?

Remote java jobs are the best way to work from home as a java developer. Working remotely means that you have an opportunity to see what companies value in their employees and why they may prefer it over another tech talent. One of my favorite things about remote work is being able to choose when I want how I want to work and who I want to work with.

Why working remotely as a remote java developer?

Here are the top reasons why working remotely as a JavaScript developer is an opportunity that you should seriously consider.

  1. Remote work can be done from anywhere in the world! No more commuting, traffic jams, expensive rent, or leases.
  2. Low living expenses mean you save money so you have a better quality of life!
  3. The best part about remote jobs is you don't have to work with someone who bothers you!
  4. If I want, I can work on my schedule. For example, working extra hours after the kids go to bed or waking up early before they wake up.
  5. Remote work means you have more time to do important things. Like spending quality time with family, doing your hobbies, or getting out there and networking!
  6. Also, if you are a java developer, it means that your skills will always be in demand.
  7. There's no risk of layoffs or job hunting because remote work is more flexible and scalable!
  8. You can easily switch from one company to another without going through the interview process again. You also don't have to take time off for interviews which save you money.
  9. Finally, remote jobs allow you to work with the best java developers in the world.

Why working remotely as a remote java developer

Do remote companies pay well?

Many remote companies value their employees and want to provide them with competitive salaries.

Remote developers are likely to find that they will receive the same treatment as on-site workers, but it's hard for employers to see if people are working "hard enough" when they're not there in person.

Payscale found that employees who work fully remote earn more compensation than those without a remote job. This correlates to an imbalance in salaries between white-collar and blue-collar workers; when data are not controlled for factors such as title or location, someone working from home makes 23% more than their non-extra mile counterparts but this number jumps up another 1%. But if we take away other compensable things like titles then you can see why some believe there is still room left over: Telecommuting only nets out at around 1.9%.

Java remote job Salaries

Working as a remote Java developer can be very lucrative. The average salary is pretty nice, and it's no wonder why so many people want to work for this company.

Remote Java Developers in the USA make an average of $117,000 per year or $60 per hour. Entry-level remote jobs start at 100k while most experienced workers can earn up to 150K!

Java remote job Salaries

Why not maximize your developer salary by taking a look at these tips?

  • If you want to maximize your salary, it's important that have a niche skill. This way the competition won't be as high and so will allow more money for what little time is spent perfecting these particular skills!
  • Research what people in similar positions make and ask for that amount or slightly more - unless you're willing to negotiate. The last thing anyone wants is an awkward negotiation where both sides are unhappy with their result, right?
  • Avoid bad language on social media sites like Facebook because this could reflect poorly upon the company as well! Don't be "that guy" who posts profane comments during crunch time either.
  • Finally, JavaScript programmers need to keep up-to-date with the latest coding languages and platforms. Otherwise, they may find themselves outbid on jobs or paid less than their counterparts for lacking certain skillsets, like back-end programming which pays more because it requires extensive knowledge in system building as well as front-line customer support.

Job boards for remote java jobs in the USA

I know this sounds all great and fine but how do I find a java job outside of my comfort zone for senior-level developers?

There is a ton of information online. Remote jobs are often posted on online job boards. Job boards allow you to search for remote java developer jobs and find the best opportunities available.

Top 5 Job Boards for finding Remote Java Developer Jobs

  1. Sqotty: Sqotty is an easy-to-use site for searching remote java jobs, specializing in tech and having a specific section called JavaScript Remote Jobs. Job listings are listed chronologically newest so you can surely start scrolling but also filter by choosing your skillset. Among the different categories featured on this website such as PHP developers, JavaScript, or Ruby on Rails! The breadth of job opportunities provided here covers many areas related to IT savvy candidates looking outside their usual workplace - from software architects & engineers through project managers: find what suits your skills best with Sqotty now!
  2. SolidGigs: SolidGigs is a new website that specializes in finding remote freelancing opportunities for digital nomads and professionals who work from home. As soon as you visit this clean site, job roles start popping up! You can sign-up for the email list which will hand-deliver daily based on your picks. Solidgig searches through different sites across the Internet looking out best jobs available online--all while improving others' quality of life by providing them with a more stable income during their off-hours.
  3. UpWork: UpWork is a great way to find specialized talent that's just what you need! You can search through jobs in any number of categories and developers will compete with each other for your business. It’s an easy process from start to finish, all done on Upwork itself without ever having meetings face-to-face or exchanging contact information - they'll connect seamlessly as soon as it makes sense for both sides (which might be when one person has more experience than another). This saves time AND money since hiring someone new takes up valuable resources we could spend elsewhere if there were less hassle involved now too!
  4. Fiverr: Hey, you! Have you heard of Fiverr? Well maybe not. Fiverr is the freelancer’s market. It can be used by professionals and clients to buy services from other members, which include editing photos or designing flyers - just some examples of what could be offered on this site! You get paid through Fiverr if your project goes well while also getting contacted with potential new customers that way too.
  5. PeoplePerHour: PeoplePerHour is a website that aims to help freelancers find work quickly. They are making connections between clients and contractors in different industries, including tech programming writing translation design digital marketing business music/marketing social media management which you can register for free.

Job Boards for finding RemoteJobs

Bonus: If you're not interested in working for a specific company, looking through postings can be helpful as well! You may notice trends such as companies hiring more people or certain skillsets becoming obsolete - allowing you to remain competitive in the remote job market.

For example, many companies are hiring more and more people with AngularJS knowledge so if you have this skill set, you should position yourself as such to attract even better opportunities!

14 Day Challenge: do this to get remote java jobs

  • Put yourself out there! Get involved with the community, have a Github account where you contribute to projects, and get your name on them
  • Use social media. If your company or clients are hiring for remote java developers, they will be using Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc.
  • Create an online portfolio if necessary
  • Showcase some of your work on some of the remote sites like PeoplePerHour or SolidGigs
  • Don't undersell yourself. If you're a java developer, say so! Be honest with what your skills are and let people know! While it may seem simple enough to find remote jobs by posting on job boards companies won’t hire anyone who doesn't have the skillset they need.
  • Be patient! It might take some time to find remote jobs however it’s worth putting in effort and keeping your eyes peeled so you don’t miss out on any opportunities that come by!
  • Only work with companies or clients who offer the good pay for a fair day's work and enough hours to fit into your schedule.
  • Be prepared! Make sure you have the necessary equipment needed for remote java developer jobs such as a good computer, laptop, or even desk phone if they ask for one
  • Equipment-wise make sure you're always up-to-date with what's available in terms of software updates - it might be time to upgrade your hardware if you need to to stay competitive.

job interview

What do remote companies look for in candidates?

Most companies will always want someone easy to work with and get along well. They are looking for people who have the skillset they need, however, if you show that you're willing to learn new things it might go further in your favor!

Be enthusiastic about what you do too! If a company knows that their remote java developer will enjoy doing what they do, it will lead to a more productive work environment.

Work ethic is also important! People who are hard workers and don't shirk their responsibilities often get picked over people with the same skillset but lack the necessary determination companies want to hire for remote developers that come out on top of things - especially if the company is paying someone hourly.

Do remote companies offer remote java developer jobs in the USA?

Most companies looking for remote developers are US-based however there are some outside the US, that offer good opportunities to work remotely even if you're in the USA.

US companies are looking for people who can work at least 40 hours a week, which makes things difficult if they're hiring someone from another country with a completely different schedule! Companies based in the US are more likely to hire someone who is already in the US.

It is possible to find remote java developer jobs in the USA if you're from another country but it can be a lot harder because of the different time zones. Some companies are okay with this while others aren't so you'll have to do more research on the company you're applying for.

What are some java remote in-demand skills

java remote in-demand skills

These are just some of the skills companies want from remote java developers. There's a lot more out there and this is just a shortlist of what companies are looking for. so if you're interested in learning something new or expanding your skillset then that's always an option to consider.

  • JavaScript, AngularJS, and Python are some of the most in-demand skills right now so if you want to find remote jobs it might be a good idea to look into those.
  • writing code for software and creating new features/bugs
  • testing their own or someone else's code (quality assurance)
  • helping others with any issues they might be having at that particular time. This often happens quite frequently in call centers where the company is providing support to their customers.
  • tech support, which is often the same thing as QA - the only difference is that those who work as tech support tend to be more hands-on with everything and can help resolve any issues people might be having.
  • Anything java related such as Spring, Hibernate, etc., databases like MySQL or Oracle
  • Experience with HTML, CSS, and JQuery
  • REST APIs: in particular JSON/JSONP
  • JavaScript frameworks such as AngularJS or ReactJS
  • Maven build tool for project management. A lot of Java developers don't use maven but it's beneficial to learn it if you don't have any experience with the build tool
  • Jenkins continuous integration server for automated builds and testing
  • AWS Web Services, Socket programming
  • Apache Tomcat or other Java web servers. You should also know about Linux/Unix operating systems as well as regular expressions. Most companies use Linux-based servers.
  • Agile software development approaches
  • and more

java remote jobs in the USA in demand

Are java remote jobs in the USA in demand?

Yes! There's a high demand for remote software engineers because companies are always looking for more talented people to work on their projects. There is a huge shortage of Java programmers so this makes it even better if you're willing to work remotely!

What soft skills do java developers working remotely need?

The soft skills you need for working remotely depend on the type of job you're looking to get. If it's a startup or tech support then being patient, empathetic, and willing to help are all good things to have - especially if it involves helping others with their technical issues!

  • Strong communication skills are also important because you'll need to write a lot of emails and be on the phone for tech support.
  • teamwork/collaboration
  • flexibility, adaptability, and being able to work with different types of people.
  • You'll have to be good at working on deadlines while also being open-minded enough so you can receive constructive criticism from your superiors/coworkers - this is crucial if you want to grow in your career!
  • Finally, you'll also need to be able to prioritize your tasks and manage your time properly. This is especially important if you're working with other developers because there might be some small issues that come up at the last minute, so having good time management skills will help in this situation!

Remote jobs java – How to apply for

Applying to java remote jobs does not differ much from applying for a local job. If you're using Indeed or another job platform, simply go to the remote section of their job listings and search accordingly.

If it's a company that offers dedicated resources like TCS or Tech-Mahindra then they'll provide you with an email address where you can send your resume/CV. Make sure to check their website and send an email to the person in charge of hiring!

If you're applying for a job at Google, Amazon, or any other big tech company then your only option is going through their official career pages. If that's not enough - just reach out on social media and ask them about remote jobs!

Are java work from home jobs the future?

It's hard to say if java work-from-home jobs are the future because there might be some major changes in how tech companies operate in general since this is a constantly changing industry.

However, it does seem like more and more people want to work remotely - or at least not make their commute every day! Especially in the US, where most people drive to work on their own.


Java developer remote jobs are a great opportunity for talented developers who want to work from home and be their boss. If you're looking for remote java jobs, there is no shortage of opportunities in the USA or across the world! However, you must have strong communication skills and good time management abilities so that your projects can get done on time while also handling any other tasks throughout the day. Luckily, these soft skills come with experience - which means they’re easier to pick up along the way than technical skills like programming languages.

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