22 Remote-First Companies Hiring Now

Do you ever dream of working remotely in a place where you will thrive the most? If so, there's good news! We have compiled a list of companies who hire remotely that actively hire people from around the world. Check it out now to find your next remote work opportunity!
by Billy Stone » Remote Work Nerd
All these companies have been verified as remote-friendly from the employees themselves! Whether you're an experienced developer or just starting out in your career, this list has something for everyone.

The remote work revolution is happening and for good reason. If you are interested in pursuing remote work opportunities that offer a more flexible schedule, less stress, and the ability to live anywhere in the world then this list should be your go-to resource!

Remote-first companies that personally inspire us

We can think about so many companies that personally inspire us! We're not just talking about the ones in your field or industry; we mean truly inspiring businesses that do what they love and make an impact along the way.

Man doing work on his laptop for company

1# One Second Everyday

One Second Everyday is a remote-first company that is passionate about time-lapse videos. This remote company provides an app that helps you record a short clip for each day of your life and creates a time-lapse video at the end of one year!

Company culture: This company has a unique philosophy on life and it shows in the way they build their remote workforce. You can read more about it on their website. The moral of One Second Everyday's remote work story is to always pursue what sets your heart ablaze as this will!

You should apply if: If you're passionate about videos and capturing special moments, then you should check them out!

2# 10up

Another remote-first company that inspires us is the one and only, 10up. This company does something so simple yet powerful! With their tool, you can easily find images on Unsplash or Pixabay which are free stock photos for you to use for your projects.

Company culture: The remote culture here is all about transparency and having an open channel of communication with your colleagues!

You should apply if: If love to use photos, then you should apply.

3# 15Five

15Five is a company that inspires us with its approach to work and team building. This remote organization provides an easy tool for managers and employees alike to connect, share ideas, track progress, and celebrate success!

Company culture: 15Five's culture is all about remote work as they believe that the world is evolving into one where organizations and employees should be enabled to do their best work wherever, whenever.

You should apply if: If Performance Management Software is your thing then you should apply!

4# 84codes

If you are a remote worker who loves to code, 84codes is the remote company for you! 84codes provides high-quality resources like open source libraries and frameworks.

Company culture: The culture at 84codes is all about mastering the craft. This remote company believes that you can only become a master of your work by doing it for years on end and they are here to help!

You should apply if:: If you are interested in helping building open-source libraries and frameworks then we recommend checking out 84codes!

5# Airbrake

Another great remote company is Airbrake. With this organization, you'll have access to the best software development tools that will help you monitor and fix bugs!

Company culture: The culture here is all about empowering teams to understand, prioritize, and fix bugs.

You should apply if: If your heart bleeds Frictionless Error Monitoring and Application Performance Managemen and coding stuff.

#6 Arkency

Arkency is a company that has worked on some of the most exciting web projects. This remote-first organization provides consulting for ambitious companies, helps them scale their businesses by building software together and coaching product owners.

Company culture: The culture is all about transparency and accountability. As a remote company, Arkency believes in being honest with your team members which also extends to the clients they work with!

You should apply if: If you're passionate about consulting companies on how to scale their businesses then this remote-first organization might be for you!

#7 Articulate Marketing

This might be the marketing company of our dreams: Articulate Marketing Group. With this organization, you'll have the chance to work with amazing people who are passionate about marketing and technology!

Company culture: Articulate Marketing Group cultures can be described as remote-first and fast-paced. They believe that remote work is the future of work!

You should apply if: If you're interested in helping businesses succeed online, have good knowledge about digital marketing, and are interested in remote work!


A remote-first company that inspires us is AULA! This remote organization provides a way for educators to create online courses that are accessible by anyone, anywhere.

Company culture: Aula believes in open communication. As a remote worker, you'll be part of the online courses that are created with AULA!

You should apply if: If you're interested in creating educational content then we recommend applying!

#9 Automattic

Automattic is one of the most well-known companies that have gone remote in the world. This remote organization provides blog hosting, an open-source content management system to power your website, and more!

Company culture: The culture of Automattic is unique in the remote-first space. They believe that every person on the team should do whatever they can to make their teammates successful! They also believe that all companies should be remote.

You should apply if: If you love WordPress then we recommend checking out Automattic!

#10 Axelerant

If you never heard of Axlerant then you must be living under a rock! This company provides training, consulting, and full-stack development services to companies of all sizes.

Company culture: The culture at Axelerant is described as transparent, hardworking but also human. They believe remote work is the future and they want to make remote work a reality for everyone!

You should apply if: If you love programming languages like PHP or Ruby on Rails!

#11 Backpack Travel

Backpack Travel is a company that provides travelers with the best experience. This organization offers tours, activities, and more to make sure you get the most out of your vacation!

Company culture: Backpack Travel believes in work/life balance. As a remote worker, you'll be allowed to explore the world with Backpack Travel!

You should apply if: If you love traveling then we recommend checking out what Backpack Travel has to offer!

#12 Bandcamp

Bandcamp provides the best in independent music and art. This organization offers artists, labels, and fans everything they need to make their projects come alive!

Company culture: Bandcamp's environment is described as transparent and empowering. If you're looking to impact the world of remote-first companies then Bandcamp might be for you!

You should apply if: If you're interested in helping musicians sell their work then this company is your perfect fit!

#13 Basecamp

The next company is Basecamp. They offer team collaboration tools, project management tools, and more! Basecamp is also known for its great remote work policy, so if you're interested in working from anywhere then this might be a good option for you!

Company culture: Basecamp's remote work policy is based on trust. They believe that remote workers are just as productive and dedicated to the company!

You should apply if: If you use Basecamp and love it then we recommend applying.

#14 Bitium

Bitium provides identity, access management for easily scalable teams. You'll have access to remote work opportunities and help people find the right solutions for their needs.

Company culture: Bitium is an open-door remote company. Everyone is welcome to have a good time in the chat rooms and make their voice heard!

You should apply if: If you love working with access management remotely then we recommend checking out Bitium!

#15 Buffer

If your favorite social media platform is Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, or Instagram; then Buffer is the company for you! This organization helps individuals and businesses schedule posts that go out at optimal times.

Company culture: Buffer believes remote work is the future and they want to make remote work a reality for everyone! It is also described as transparent and flexible.

You should apply if: If you're interested in social media and posting content when it's best to do.

#16 BootsnAll

Bootsnall provides remote work opportunities for those interested in adventure. If you love traveling, then this remote-first company is the best option!

Company culture: Bootsnall values transparency and work/life balance.

You should apply if: If you're looking to travel and want a remote position that will allow you to do just that.

#17 BuddyBoss

With BuddyBoss, you can Sell memberships, courses, and build online communities. This company has a lot of remote opportunities for those with the proper skills and experience.

Company culture: BuddyBoss is all about people first. They care about remote workers and what they have to say!

You should apply if: If you're interested in working on a remote team that's available 24/h then we recommend checking out BuddyBoss.

#18 CareerFoundry

Career Foundry is an online education platform based around career development. They offer online courses, a blog for those interested in remote work, and an open community to help you grow your career!

Company culture: Career Foundry holds transparency as one of its core principles. They believe that the more transparent they are with employees then the better results they will have from them!

You should apply if: If remote work, online courses, and careers are something you're interested in then Career Foundry might be for you!

#19 Code School

Code School is an educational platform that teaches digital skills to help people grow their careers. They offer opportunities for those who live around the world with remote positions available!

Company culture: Code School believes remote work is an opportunity to invest in your career and they have a supportive remote team.

You should apply if: If you're looking for remote opportunities, then we recommend checking out Code School!

#20 Command Partners

Command Partners is a dedicated sales force that sells software solutions globally. They offer remote opportunities for motivated individuals who want to help companies succeed.

Company culture: Command Partners respect their workers and love remote work. They enjoy working on virtual teams!

You should apply if: If you're interested in salesforce and remote work then Command Partners might be the company for you.

#21 Codeable

Codeable is a remote team that helps people around the world with their WordPress problems. If you're interested in one of the most popular CMS platforms, we recommend checking it out!

Company culture: Codeable believes in their employees and their ideas. They have a transparent culture and believe in the distributed companies approach!

You should apply if: If you want to help people with their WordPress problems, then Codeable might be the company for you!

#22 CareZone

CareZone is an app that provides families with a single place for their loved one's health information. From appointments, medications, care instructions, and more; you'll be able to access everything in the same location.

Company culture: If you work hard and get things done, then CareZone will value you! They hold remote workers in high regard and believe that if their employees do what they say they'll do; remote work is best for them.

You should apply if: If you love technology and helping people then we recommend checking CareZone out!


All these remote-first companies on this list are looking for remote workers to join their teams. These opportunities will allow you to work when, where, and how long you want with the company's remote policies in place! If you're interested in any of these positions then we recommend applying today.

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