17 Ways to Find Programming Jobs from Home

Do you want to find programming jobs from home? If so, this blog post will help. The fact is that programming jobs are in high demand right now and there are more opportunities for programming jobs than ever before. This article has 17 tips on how you can find programming remote jobs!
by Billy Stone » Remote Work Nerd
There are many ways to get programming jobs which can be done from your home. Work from home jobs or "Remote work", provides the ability for people to have a flexible schedule while working at any time of day or night.

If you are a programmer who wants to work remotely, there is no shortage of companies that want your programming skills! Remote programming jobs have grown in the past decade due to the internet and increased use of technology.

There is a lot of flexibility with remote programming too - many companies offer flexible hours.

We'll also discuss salary, benefits, perks and downsides when working remotely so that you can make an informed decision about what kind of programming job would be best for your lifestyle!

You know that programming jobs from home are becoming more and more popular. And it's not just because people want to work from the comfort of their own homes.

It also has a lot to do with the fact that programming is one of those industries where you don't need a degree to get a programming job.

But first, let's get some basics.

Computer Monitor showing software with code

What is work from home?

If you ask this question to different people, you might get different answers.

Some will say work from home is only telecommuting in the traditional sense where an employee works remotely for a company that has their headquarters someplace else and does some on-site days but also spends time at home working too.

There are tons of remote programming jobs, which means employees work for companies that have all or mostly distributed teams.

As a programming job seeker, you should take all of the above into consideration.

Of course, there are some downsides. For example, companies that have mostly distributed teams tend to pay less on average than traditional ones (where everyone works in one office).

But more to this in the salary section.

Let's get to the most important question:

Can a programmer work from home?

Yes, programming can be done remotely a.k.a. from home.

There are programming jobs that you could do even with no internet connection (e.g., embedded C), but most programming jobs don't really require it and would still let you work from home.

However, programming is one of those fields where the more experience you have, the easier it will be for you to find programming jobs from home.

So if you are just starting with programming or don't have much real-world programming experience yet (but still want to work remotely), consider taking online courses and gaining some first-hand programming experience.

That being said, having a programming job from home is still possible even if you don't have any programming experience at all - it will just be harder and might not pay as well either (although there are exceptions).

MacBook Pro lightning

Why should you do Programming Jobs from Home?

As a developer, you most likely have a different lifestyle than other people. You're maybe like me and like to start not before 10 a.m. and end, not before midnight.

This is not bad - programming gives you the flexibility to choose your lifestyle and push it as far as you want.

However, working from home might or might not be compatible with how most people perceive a programming career: sitting at home alone in pajamas all day programming into the late hours of the night (or early morning).

There are programming jobs where you can work from home, but also have some on-site days in the office with coworkers.

Even though programming gives the flexibility to structure your day and manage your time as you see fit, it doesn't mean that everyone will do this or be able to do this well. It's not always easy - programming requires a lot of focus and programming jobs are not always flexible.

Is remote work and work from home the same?

Yes and no.

Remote programming jobs are programming jobs that allow you to work from home, but there is a difference between working remotely (or telecommuting) and remote programming jobs. Even if your job allows you to work at home sometimes or full-time, it doesn't necessarily mean the company has distributed teams.

It might even have an office and you might go there on some days.

However, programming jobs where you can work remotely or from home tend to be distributed teams - meaning that some of the company employees work at their homes while others do the more traditional remote job working in a different location (e.g., if they have an office).

Group of people programming together in a team

Do remote companies pay well?

Companies offering programming jobs allowing you to work from home tend to pay less on average than traditional companies.

This doesn't mean every company pays poorly, but it's a good rule of thumb when looking for jobs - one might get paid well while another will be paying relatively little even though both are remote programming jobs with programming companies.

In programming, it's important to consider factors other than just salary when evaluating a programming job offer because the programming market is very competitive and programmers are in high demand - meaning that you can be picky about your programming jobs even if they pay less (although there might not always be many choices).

Programming from home Salary

Since programming is a profession that's in high demand and programmers are hard to find, the salaries tend to be quite good.  However, if you compare programming salaries with average salaries of other professions (like sales or marketing), they might not look so great - but if you consider how difficult it is for an employer to hire a good developer, programming salaries are very competitive.

The programming salary range varies quite a bit depending on your experience and the programming language you work with - but in general, it's between 50k-100k USD per year.

  1. Top Earners $154,000 per year
  2. 75th Percentile $125,000 per year
  3. Average $81,726 per year (not bad!)
  4. 25th Percentile $32,000 per year

Most companies will also pay for your relocation expenses if they want to hire you from another city or country (or at least help with finding an apartment).

But programming is not all about salary, right?

Well, some programmers are paid well (like in banking or finance programming), but even if your programming job doesn't pay that much it's possible to be financially comfortable - you can always save up and invest money.

How do I get work from home programming jobs?

The programming job market is very competitive so it might be difficult to find programming jobs where you can work from home, but many programming companies have programming jobs allowing remote work.  It's just a matter of finding them - which is why the best way to get programming jobs working remotely or not in an office is by using different programming job boards.

Top programming job boards to find work from home out are:

List of companies offering jobs

There are a ton of programming companies that have programming jobs allowing you to work from home, but here are some of them:

  1. IBM
  2. Adobe Systems
  3. HP Enterprise Services
  4. Intel Corporation
  5. Microsoft Corporation
  6. Google
  7. eBay
  8. PayPal
  9. AdPact.com
  10. Zynga
  11. EA Games
  12. Best Buy
  13. Target Corporation
  14. The Home Depot Inc.
  15. Eddie Bauer Holdings, LLC
  16. Adidas AG
  17. Rackspace Hosting, Inc.
  18. Best Buy Co., Inc.
  19. Under Armour, Inc.
  20. Cummins Incorporated
  21. Unilever plc
  22. Teradata Corporation
  23. Cigna Corporation  (hire programming talent in US and UK)
  24. Proctor & Gamble
  25. L'Oreal USA, Inc.
  26. Salesforce.com (Hire programming talent in US and UK)
  27. SAP America, Inc.
  28. McDonald's Corporation
  29. Dell Technologies
  30. Yahoo! Inc
  31. Fidelity Investments
  32. CBS Corporation
  33. Honeywell International
  34. Hewlett-Packard Company
  35. Intel Corporation (UK) Limited
  36. John Deere & Co.
  37. Walmart Inc

What skills do people working at home need?

Programmer sitting with a laptop an writing code

Remote programming jobs require a lot of discipline and motivation. It can be difficult to get motivated when working from home, but it's important that you do because programming is an intense job that takes a lot of focus - there are many distractions at home (like the TV or your family).

Here are 14 essential skills to land your next dream job as a programmer working from home:

  1. Self-starter and self-management skills - you will be working on your own and need to manage yourself.
  2. You also have to motivate yourself when there's no one around.
  3. Adaptability - programming is constantly changing, so programming companies want people who can learn new things quickly and adapts well in a fast-paced environment.
  4. Programming languages - programming companies want people who are up to date with the latest programming languages and tools.  You must know your programming language very well, but it's also essential that you have some experience working in other programming languages too.
  5. Flexibility - being flexible is a plus when applying for jobs because programming jobs often require you to be available at all hours and work on weekends.
  6. Problem-solving - it's a plus if you have experience with solving programming problems, but it doesn't mean that your resume will automatically get rejected.
  7. Another thing to remember is that programming companies also want you to take initiative and be proactive (don't wait for them to call, but contact the company yourself).
  8. Teamwork - programming jobs can require teamwork when working on programming projects or with clients.  You must cooperate well in a team environment and know how to communicate clearly.
  9. You also need to work well with programming managers and other people in your programming team.
  10. Technical skills - it's crucial that you know programming very well as programming companies want programmers who can fix problems fast, write code quickly and solve complex issues by finding solutions to programming problems. You must be able to deliver high-quality programs on time, so you must know programming well.
  11. Creativity - programming jobs require a lot of creativity because programming companies want people who can come up with new ideas and develop cool projects or programs within their programming team/company.  Technology is always evolving, so you also need to keep yourself updated with the latest technology news too.
  12. Analytical skills - programming companies want you to find solutions and create new programming programs so they look for analytical people who can crunch data and provide valuable insights.
  13. Writing skills - programming jobs often require you to write code, documentation, or help files so you must know how to communicate clearly in writing.
  14. Finally, companies also want people who are good at using (not programming) tools like Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, or Access.

Is it right for me?

The only way to find out whether remote programming jobs are right for you is by trying them yourself!

You can try finding out if the job offer allows you to work from home before accepting an interview with a tech recruiter so that they know this is something that interests you.

Then just go through their process of hiring developers for programming positions remotely (yes, there will be coding tests!) and see how much flexibility they allow during working hours.

If you are lucky, they may even have programming jobs that allow you to work from home.

Is work from home better than an office?

Working from home requires a lot of discipline and motivation.

But programming jobs don't pay well compared to an office job (the salary is about half ).

Also, companies often provide more limited perks like no free snacks or drinks, smaller kitchen areas with fewer appliances/tools than an office too (so you must bring your coffee machine, microwave, etc.).

But it's up to you if you want a job with lesser benefits and more free time or an office job where you get perks but less flexibility (working from home is great for moms who can work around their children).


Many programming jobs allow you to work from home, but it takes a lot of self-discipline and motivation. It's important to keep in mind the costs vs. benefits when deciding if working remotely is right for you. If the job pays well (and has other perks like free drinks) then an office job might be your best bet.

However, working from home can also offer more flexibility than most offices which will make life easier for moms who need to manage their children around their schedule or people with disabilities.

The best companies offering programming jobs are those that offer a combination of benefits and perks, flexibility, pay rates/salary, along with the programming language you know.

To find programming work from home, it's important to check out online job boards like Sqotty.com, Indeed or FlexJobs because many companies post their remote positions there for free (and these websites also list office jobs too).

You can also look at programming-related forums on Reddit where people often ask about finding remote programming jobs. It takes time and effort but if you network well enough then someone might be able to help you get in contact with a company that is looking for programmers so don't give up hope!

Finally, remember that when applying for programming jobs through an online application system; make sure you include all programming skills, past jobs/experience (even if it's not programming), education background too!

Don't leave anything blank and make sure to follow the application directions carefully. If you get shortlisted then that company will contact you to schedule an interview so do your best in this stage of the job search process by following these tips closely.

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