Getting Junior Developer Remote Jobs: The Ultimate Checklist

It's not easy to find a junior developer remote job. The market is saturated with talented junior developers, and the competition can be tough. But it isn't impossible! I'll show you how.
by Billy Stone » Remote Work Nerd
In this blog post we will discuss how to get your resume noticed by recruiters and hiring managers so you can land that junior remote job of your dreams. I'm going to tell you how junior developers can get a remote jobs, and what should be the things that they need to watch out for while applying for such jobs.

It's not easy to find junior developer remote jobs. The market is saturated with talented junior developers, and the competition can be tough. But it isn't impossible!

In this blog post we will discuss how to get your resume noticed by recruiters and hiring managers so you can land that junior developer remote job of your dreams.

I'm going to tell you how junior developers can get a remote job as junior developer, and what should be the things that they need to watch out for while applying for such jobs.

How to deal with lack of experience

People often assume that since junior developers lack experience compared to senior ones; it will make their chances of getting remote junior developer jobs very low. But that's not true. In fact, junior developers have a lot of advantages over their senior counterparts.

For example: most companies prefer junior developers who they can train and groom into an expert. Rather than hiring someone with more experience but lesser potential to learn new things.

Also junior developers usually come at a cheaper rate compared to experienced ones which is also another reason why companies prefer junior developers over them.

Skills you learn today

So today in this blog post, I'll be sharing a list of things that junior developer should do while applying for remote jr developer jobs. We also cover what they need to avoid at all costs if they want to land their dream junior developer job.

If you're currently looking out for junior developers remote jobs then this blog post will help you a lot. But if you're not looking for junior developer remote jobs then after reading this blog post, I'm sure it'll make you look out for such opportunities as well.

So without further ado let's get started!

Where can junior developer finde remote jobs?

There are a lot of remote job portals which you can find on the internet. You just need to search for them and start applying for opportunities as per your preference.

It's not super hard to find junior developer remote jobs, but it takes effort because you have to apply in bulk if you want multiple offers from different

What are some job boards online that juniors use to find software developer jobs for remote work? There's one job board which I recommend junior developers to look at first before applying for any opportunities:


Sqotty is a job board dedicated to developers looking for remote jobs. It has job postings from big companies hiring remotely. Sqotty also takes feedbacks about the junior developer's experience and skills in order to provide better opportunities in future. If you're into security, you'll also find some good Remote Cyber Security Jobs opportunities there.

Reality Check for Remote Junior Developers

Here's the truth: companies have a tendency stay away from junior developers because they lack experience. Compared to senior ones, the often show their inexperience in the work that's delivered.

Sometimes junior devs may not have worked on the specific technologies used by a company or haven't even heard of them before. So companies feel there are better options out there for junior developer remote jobs rather than recruiting junior devs.


But – and here's is the good thing: you can benefit from lack of experience and use it to get a junior developer remote job. You just need to convince the hiring manager that you have potential.

The company will might be making a wise decision by taking them under you wing. And if you think about it: junior developers are cheap for companies compared to experienced ones.

So developer remote jobs for juniors are out there, but they need to do some groundwork before submitting their resumes to companies.

And that's where this blog post comes into play. So let's see how junior developers can land themselves a junior developer remote job through the following checklist:

Junior Developer Remote Job Checklist

This remote junior software developer checklist is divided into two sections. One for junior developers applying to junior jobs and the other for those who want to apply as senior devs.

First let's see what needs to be done to land a developer remote job:

  • Strong understanding of web development and the languages used in building websites, specifically HTML & CSS.
  • Experience with any server side technology such as Node or Rails.
  • A working knowledge of software engineering and also Javascript is beneficial but not required. Knowledge about ES2015 syntax and features is a plus.
  • Experience with relational databases such as MySQL, Postgres or MongoDB is useful but not required.
  • Good communication skills both verbal and written are key for a junior software engineer in order to work effectively on the team.
  • Junior developers who work remotely need to be self-motivated and proactive. They should also have a good internet connection, reliable hardware, an ergonomic workspace, and of course coffee!
  • A good junior developer remote job candidate will go above and beyond the requirements of the position in order to ensure they are a valuable asset to the team.
  • Remote jobs are a great opportunity for junior developers to show what they can do and gain experience.
  • Having a portfolio of projects/apps they've worked on in their college days or even later is another thing junior dev checklist needs to include. Because it'll show hiring managers how junior developers can deliver quality work for them. And if junior devs have worked on something similar to the project they're applying for then it's a big plus.

Now let's take a look at Junior devs applying for senior developer remote jobs – it's all the above plus:

  • Knowledge about web security and its implications.
  • Experience with any client side technology such as Angular, React or VueJS is beneficial but not required. Junior devs should be willing to learn whatever the team uses on the job.
  • Having knowledge of server-side MVC frameworks like Ruby on Rails would also help junior developers applying for senior remote jobs.
  • Knowledge of version control systems like Git is a big plus junior dev remote job candidates will have an edge over others if they know how to use it professionally and effectively.
  • Experience with AWS services such as SES, Lambda functions etc would be great for junior devs applying for senior developer remote jobs.
  • Junior developers who aim at landing a senior developer remote job can benefit from lack of experience by showing potential..

How much does an junior developer make?

Junior Developers in the United States make an average of $70,000. But that's just the starting salary! Their Developer salaries can go up to around $87K for those with experience.

Salaries can range anywhere from about 63-86k a year depending on where you live or your department within company size.

Which companies look for remote junior developers?

So junior devs looking for remote work might be wondering if the company they are applying to offer remote junior developer positions? Some companies which look for junior devs with or without experience include:

Amazon, Apple, Cisco Systems Inc., Google.org, IBM Corporation etc. Of course there are many more big names in tech that do hire junior devs for remote junior positions.

What do companies look for in a junior developer?

A junior developer needs to have some experience working on a project or two under his/her belt. Experience in professional projects is key for junior devs applying for senior jobs, but they should also show potential through their previous work.

Junior developers should be able to show examples of their work. Ideally they should have a GitHub account where junior devs can showcase what all stuff they're doing.

Bonus: Interview tipps for junior developers

When applying for a remote job, junior devs should be able to:

Answer common questions like "Why do you want this junior developer position?" and also ask good questions about the company/team they're applying for.

Juniors who are well prepared will provide answers that show how much they've researched about the company. Also giving insights about tech stack, junior devs who are not well prepared will make job interviewers doubt their abilities to be a good choice.

Juniors should also have questions ready about the team they'll be working with, what's expected of them and what kind of projects junior devs might work on if hired etc.

Extra Bonus: should you work for free?

No. A junior software developer should NEVER work for free. They need to charge a fair amount and only start working on projects they really believe in. Or feel passionate about, so that job is fun and rewarding at the same time.


Juniors need to include some solid experience in order for them to land the position. But junior devs who do apply for junior jobs can benefit from lack of experience by showing potential. If you're like this article and want to get more junior dev remote job tips, check out the junior developer checklist below.

Also leave a commente if you have any remote job related questions.

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