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Chandler, AZ

Keap helps small businesses get organized to deliver services and close more business. Keap was created in 2007 by a small business owner who had trouble making payroll and keeping track of her budget. She called on her brother, who is a successful entrepreneur, to do the design work. He asked why she couldn't create a website to help manage their business from home? His idea changed the way they sell and managed their company.Keap has emerged as one of the best-kept secrets for small businesses looking for ways to make timely sales and operate efficiently.We have grown into a team of over forty employees that have helped thousands of customers get settled into Keap's system for managing invoices, marketing campaigns, sales, product catalogs, and more.

Funding history
Total Funding: $207.9M
Round: Debt Financing
Company Type: For Profit

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There are between 251-500 employees who work at Keap. Based on the employees who work fully remote or onsite in Chandler, AZ, here's an overview for Keap.
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