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Intercom's mission is to help businesses build customer relationships through people. People make the best decisions when they feel heard, understood, and valued – these are the cornerstones of a strong relationship-based company.Intercom helps companies to consistently build and strengthen relationships by bringing out their human side in these interactions and helping them take calculated risks for better results. Intercom was founded in 2008 with the idea of thinking differently about how to connect people, rather than just technology.

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Intercom is the easiest way to connect with your users and customers. This makes it twice as easy to build growing, profitable businesses. Intercom's entire approach is built around culture and people. Try Intercom risk-free now

Funding history
Total Funding: $291.8M
Round: Secondary Market
Company Type: For Profit

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There are between 501-1000 employees who work at Intercom. Based on the employees who work fully remote or onsite in San Francisco, CA, here's an overview for Intercom.
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