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The company was formed in 2001 by a small group of technology professionals that had been working in the industry for years. We realize that the rapid changes in tech and the fast-paced requirements from our customers demand a different approach.What we've done is create a structure that is uniquely designed to get your project done quickly and with complete satisfaction. Where most companies serve one function, we offer a full lifecycle approach to software development.

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We are a remote-friendly company in the US and Canada, with excellent work-life balance. We offer competitive salaries of up to $300,000 per year. We like to ask each new hire how they would define successful when we interview them, and then work to help them reach that definition of success every day. Apply for a job at GlobalLogic

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There are between 5001-10000 employees who work at GlobalLogic. Based on the employees who work fully remote or onsite in San Jose, CA, here's an overview for GlobalLogic.
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