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Cambridge, CB4 0GA, UK

Gearset is the leading company in Salesforce devops solutions. We help businesses succeed with complete cloud, on-premise and hybrid deployments of Salesforce. Our expert sales and technical teams will work closely with your team to help you implement the exact strategy for each of your unique needs.Our experts are approachable, helpful, and only a phone call away. Gearset has been recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in Michigan- and has been featured in an Inc. 30 Under 30 article for three consecutive years!We have been providing solutions to organizations like Google, AirBnB, MITRE, Blue Apron, Lyft, Groupon and many others since 2011.Gearset is the only enterprise-class continuous delivery and release manager that combines advanced customization capabilities with an automated pipeline for Salesforce.Gearset is known for delivering powerful and functional solutions to meet customers’ business needs - from system integration to custom development. Gearset offers tailored, affordable, and fast services designed to help customers make better decisions quickly.At Gearset, we understand our clients’ world, so we know what they need when it comes to developing software applications using Salesforce. And that's exactly what we deliver!We have been doing this since 2003 when we first started working with Salesforce as low-code development consultants. Now we are the industry leaders in Salesforce DevOps by designing products that allow you to maximize your business potential through automation with ease.Our goal is simple: create tech solutions without compromise!

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We are looking for a Salesforce Developer. We offer many different benefits including paid time off and health reimbursement. Find out more about our company and our perks. Apply for a job at Gearset now.

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Working at Gearset is a fun and creative way to put your skills towards something new. Even though it was originally started as a bike store, the company has grown over the last few years to encompass everything from skateboards to surf boards. You might not have any experience with working in retail, but you will be able to find something that fits your skill set among our associates.

DevOps Engineer (Remote) – Gearset
At Gearset, we build a cutting-edge DevOps solution for the millions of developers building applications on Salesforce, the world's biggest enterprise PaaS. In only a few years Gearset has become the DevOps solution of choice for some of the world's biggest companies, including IBM, McKesson, and even Salesforce themselves. As…
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