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Why Are We Hiring?We're continuously hiring for software engineering roles at our company, and we welcome candidates with all kinds of programming experience (different languages, frameworks, platforms, etc). We've found that both candidates with traditional CS backgrounds as well as others who are self-taught or freelancers can excel at our company.We're not interested in hiring for any particular niche skill at the moment. Rather, we like to engage with engineers who have a well rounded and full stack background, either for web or mobile. If you feel particularly strong in one skill though, we still would like to talk.More About The RoleAs an engineer at our company, you'll work directly with our CTO, Creative Director, and other engineers on a variety of software projects covering different programming languages, frameworks, and application architectures.The single best reason to be an engineer at our company is because of the exposure to different programming languages, technologies, and client projects.Typical client work includes building any of the following: web and mobile apps, APIs, integrations with 3rd party tools, health-tech specific integrations, and digital transformation projects for enterprise clients.For more information about how we run our Sprints and manage our SDLC, read our company Playbook.Specific QualificationsYou have 5 years working as a software engineer at another agency, a product-focused startup, or an enterprise company.You have spent some time freelancing independently, whether as a side hustle or full time. Almost everyone on our team has been an individual freelancer at one point, and understands the value of all the “work” outside of the actual deliverable for the client: excellent communication, professionalism, punctuality, and follow through.You have zero ego with regards to your code, can both receive and offer feedback positively, and are willing to pair and help others developing software alongside you.You're a self-starter. You're not afraid to take initiative but know when and how to check with others to ensure you're making the right decision. You can balance the technically correct and/or more elegant solution with what the client wants (which often differs) and can do this quickly.You're not afraid to ship code! We don't care if it's not done yet. Push it up and get feedback!ApplyOur company does not offer equity as we’re not a venture backed startup. However, there’s the possibility in the future of profit sharing for our employees split at year’s end based on tenure.To apply for this role, send an introductory email to careers@lightmatter.com with your resume, cover letter, and github profile if applicable. –– Lightmatter

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