Senior Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) - Full Remote in Europe – Heetch

Company Location: Anywhere

⚠️Important note before applying 🙏:We're a young company iterating over our remote culture so for now, we're only working with people in locations where the time zone is:-2 hour > Paris time zone < 2 hourHeetch is a ride-sharing platform powering thousands of rides everyday in France, Belgium and multiple countries in Africa. We provide a mobility solution allowing people to move around the city in an affordable yet reliable way by turning a moment as simple as a ride into an unexpectedly positive experience. Founded in 2013 with headquarters in Paris, Heetch has completed its series B funding in order to accelerate its international growth and build the future of mobility. With more than 5 million users, we are proud to be one of the fastest growing startups coming out of France. Come work with us and find out what you can do!SRE Team @HeetchOur infrastructure receives millions of events per day and processes millions of API requests. We also serve tens of thousands of rides daily.By joining the team, you'll be helping build its technical vision and creating the best platform to run our services at scale. You'll be joining a team collaborating with all the rest of the development organisation.We work day-to-day on automation in order to ensure reliability, scalability and velocity at Heetch.Our infrastructure is growing on a daily basis, with more than 160 micro services owned by 16 different teams and counting. One of our challenges is to provide help (design consulting, capacity planning, incident management, service development, monitoring, etc.) to other teams in order to spread common and best practices. We also develop, put in production and maintain services in order to ensure a maximum of independence and ownership to other teams.Some technologies we useGo, Git, Terraform, DroneAWS (EC2, Postgress RDS,ElastiCache …)Kubernetes, EKSMesos/Marathon/ZookeeperEvent Based architecture: Kafka, RabbitMQGeographic information systems: OSRM, Tile38Microservice Architecture in GolangDatadog, Sentry, PagerDutyOur team's valuesMove smart: We are data-driven, and use tools and standards to ship code quickly and safely (continuous integration, code review, automated testing, etc.);Distribute knowledge: We want to scale our team to a point where our contributions do not stop at the company code base. We believe in the Open Source culture and communication with the outside world;Unity makes strength: Moving people from A to B is not as easy as it sounds but we always keep calm and support each other;Always improve: We value personal progress and want you to look back proudly at what you've done;Ship small but often: We consistently deliver value to other developers to avoid building up frustration caused by a long development cycle;Automate all the things: We think that most maintenance and manual actions can be automated to reduce friction, mistakes and it offers a better scaling of the delivery pipeline;Strong ownership: Our team has a broad scope of responsibilities and internal customers whom we serve to the best of our ability.Does it sound like you?You love supporting other teams by being involved in all the lifecycle of the service (design, deployment, operations and evolution);You think that automation is a big part in the scaling of a platform;You know when you need to be pushy about changes;You like understanding incidents by going through a blameless postmortem process.You have a strong expertise in Go (or are willing to learn it), Hashicorp tools and AWS;You have an experience with a container orchestrator (Kubernetes, Mesos, etc...);You think that giving ownership to your mate is the best way to increase velocity inside a company.You have a can do attitude. You won’t find reasons why something can’t be done, but instead find ways how it can be done.What will you do?Create and maintain services to ensure velocity and ownership of your team mates;Provide high standards and share knowledge with the rest of the organisation;Automate the hard work;Help other teams achieving their goals (eg. Be able to handle X calls per seconds);Design and troubleshoot distributed systems;Design SLI, SLO with other teams and monitor the platform;Participate in an on-call rotation and contribute to necessary escalations.Studies have shown that women are less likely to apply to roles in Tech, which is why we strongly encourage you to apply even if you don't feel you match 100% of the job specifications! –– Heetch

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